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Human Resource Management

DaeYong Industry Co. strives to create a culture where all employees can have affection for their own lives and passion for self development, and be fully recognized for the accomplishments in their field.

Company Benefits

Work-Life Balance of Daeyong Industry Co.

  • Statutory working hours
  • Accident insurance
  • Onsite infirmary
  • Physical checkup
  • Shuttle bus
  • Dining hall
  • Dormitory
  • Activity clubs
  • Day care support
  • Scholarships for children
  • Family events support
  • Birthday gifts
  • Group outings support
  • Salary advances
  • Gifts for anniversaries
  • Various Holidays
    Holidays (National holidays, Vacations)

Education and training

We support a wide range of education and training to promote active self development.

  • Value Education

    We support our members in educating internalization of core values and ethical management to improve basic talent and raise right person. Furthermore, we conduct education for anti-sexual harassment and systematic safety to ensure mutual respect.

  • Positional Competency Enhancement Education

    We support periodic positional leadership competency enhancement education to develop self and subordinate management competency.

  • Functional Competency Enhancement Education

    We provide opportunities to receive varied and in-depth education for attaining specialized knowledge and skill required in the appropriate fields.

  • Other education

    We support office automation education through E-learning/Book-learning to improve personal competence, to assist accomplishment of self-established goals.

Assessment system

DaeYong Industry, Co. operates MBO where each member establishes and manages personal goals based on the business plan, and aims to achieve mutual growth by achieving medium and long term management goals of the company.

MBO assessment
based on individual goals

In order to raise the level of competency, we regularly conduct job-based assessments and support the development of competencies through continuous observation and feedback.

Competency assessment based on job and competency

We evaluate our common competencies, job skills, leadership skills, and work habits to help create the right human resources awards for the company.

MBO assessment
based on team/departmental goals

We conduct assessments to ensure that individual performance contributes to the achievement of team and department goals and support to create results based on teamwork.