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Ethics Management

Ethics Management Policy

Daeyong Industry shares 「Create new values through bold and continuous challenges with diligent & moral attitude」 as the management philosophy, respects the free market economic order that supports free and fair competition, and purses common benefit for all stakeholders based on mutual trust and cooperation.

  1. 01. We seek to be 「Clean and transparent」, 「Having basic principles」, 「Fair competition oriented」, 「Socially responsible」, through ethical management
  2. 02. We observe the requirements of stakeholders and pursue mutual prosperity with stakeholders based on trust and respect.
  3. 03. We observe all the laws and ethics of all regions and countries where we conduct our business.
  4. 04. We follow all related laws and internal regulations of the related countries and regions regarding export & import transactions.
  5. 05. We preserve our honor and dignity as Daeyong Industry members by keeping proper manners & etiquette.
  6. 06. We perform our best with honesty & faithfulness and create healthy corporate culture based on relationships with respect and consideration.

Ethical Management Activity

  • Proclamation of ethical management and enactment for code of ethics.

    To build a clean and ethical company culture, Daeyong Industry proclaimed ethical management and enacted code of ethics on Jan 2017. Furthermore, Daeyong Industry suggested employee’s ethical standard to keep this objective.

  • Employee’s ethical management oath

    Simultaneously with the proclamation of ethical management, all employees took the oath to observe the code of ethics. Moreover, all new employees since the proclamation take the oath during new employee training.

  • Periodic ethics education

    For the establishment of ethical values, we have annual ethics education including ethical decision making, righteous culture, etc.

  • Management of unethical behavior reporting center

    To build internal/external faith we operate a team of auditors, and we endeavor to establish clean and ethical corporate culture through a reporting center that is accessible via online, email, mail.