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Safety environment management

Safety environment management

Safety guaranteed workplace

ISO 45001

Daeyong guarantees a safe workplace for its employees by the safety and health management.

Since the OHSAS 18001 in 2001, Daeyong has been fully committed to safety and health of employees by a continuous renewal of certifications, assessments, and evaluations. In 2018, Daeyong achieved a new safety standard, ISO 45001 Series. Also, Daeyong is doing the best to comply with the international standard by establishing processes for manpower, resources, and organizations.

Management system
Management system
Safety-first process design
Safety awareness for all employees
Worker health care
Foster a pleasant working environment
  • Compliancewith the law
  • Disaster & pollutionprevention
  • Goal establishment& execution
  • Continuous improvement
  • Social responsibility & Transparency
Safety Management
01 Safety-first process design
  • Separation & management of melting area in die casting process
  • Installation of pipeline into the underground of facility to prevent accidents
  • Prevention of forklift contact accident with designated walkways
02 Safety awareness for all employees
  • Strengthen the job competency of supervisors and conduct safety and health education before work
  • Support for license acquisition of all operators of forklifts / trains and special education training
  • SHE team organization / Staff activity directly under Top management.
Facilities piping lines buried underground
Separation of melting process
Health Management
01 Worker Heath Care
  • Professional service as resident work and health center operation
  • Establishment of all employee health check-up database and management for screening program
  • First-Aid Practice Training for all employees & offer Health Promotion Program
02 Foster a pleasant working environment
  • Improvement of work environment through cooling and heating of production site
  • Prevention of noise-induced hearing loss through low-noise air conditioner / cooling fan replacement
  • Comfortable working environment through the site-wide ventilation system
Health center operation
First aid training
Replacement of all-process low-noise fan
Wash room machine, soundproofing work area