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Production Process

Production Process Description

Daeyong is a professional aluminum Die Casting company that produces automotive parts with superior precision, superior tensile strength, and hardened mechanical characteristics by high pressure and high speed aluminum die casting using precisely manufactured molds.

  • STEP.01 Die Casting
  • STEP.02 Shot Blasting
  • STEP.03 Machining
  • STEP.04 Washing & Dry
  • STEP.05 Assembly & Final Inspection

Production Process Detail

01. Cast(Die-casting)

Based on accumulated know-how, aluminium alloys are injected at high speed and high pressure to form the product precisely.

  • High quality products with complicated structure
  • Multi injection speed control system
  • Super high speed injection
  • Available casting volume: ~16in*10in
  • Using various Al type satisfy international standard
  • *Applied standard: KS, JIS, DIN, ASTM, JED, BS
Shot blasting
02. Shot blasting

A smooth process for smoothing rough surfaces ensures even exterior luminance of the product.

  • In House control
  • Make product surface clean and tidy
03. Machining

Strict internal control ensures consistent product quality by cutting out products produced in the Die-casting process.

  • Stable machining quality considering assembly process for customer
  • Tighter internal spec control than customer’s requirement
  • Rapid tool movement with using tapping center
  • **80% of PCD tool among entire tool expenses
  • Tool design by Mapal
  • *Accurate tool setting with tool pre-setter (Zoller)
  • Optimized rack to prevent the damage
Wash & Dry
04. Wash & Dry

Improve the quality competitiveness of products by removing harmful substances from the surface by washing and drying the products produced after machining.

  • High pressure washing (Max 500 bar)
Assembly & inspection
05. Assembly & inspection

The final inspection process is to inspect the abnormalities of the products produced in the casting and machining . It provides a high level of customer satisfaction through rapid and responsive workers and continuous improvement of the working environment.

  • Awarded 0ppm accomplishment by our coustomer
    (in 2002,2008)
  • Visual inspection
  • Gage inspection
  • Machine vision inspection
  • Leak test
  • Assembly
  • Early Production Containment