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R&D Center that does not stop its innovative strides

Under the core value of “Creativity/Challenge”, Daeyong Industry will set new trends with continuous technological innovation.

Since its establishment, Daeyong Industry’s R&D center has gathered significant experience with pre-simulation and development of various products to anticipate defects and realize the best quality by rapid development and optimal mold design.

Additionally, in order to satisfy customer beyond expectation, Daeyong industry has been supporting the customers with prompt response and necessary technology, which has led to acknowledgment of technical capabilities from the customers, such as being registered as TASL for General Motors.

Furthermore, to achieve the corporate vision of "DICASTING's global leader and innovative technology, DAEYONG INDUSTRY", Daeyong will does not stop its innovative strides in R&D by securing and developing top talents and strengthened the competitiveness of quality.

Engineering system


Daeyong’s engineers provide you with fast & accurate engineering experiences by the latest technology and equipment

  • *Certified as R&D center by Korean Industrial Technology Association
  • 2011, Achieve patent on mold for block unit of heat exchanger
    (Patent No. 10-1017255 / 10-1011972)
  • 30 new projects of development capability per year.
  • Optimized packaging design following customers’ request
  • *Early involvement in new project (products design support)
  • Accurate tooling design with considering PFMEA by simulation tool (thermal & flow simulation, model building 3D printer, C/T Scanner)
  • 14 weeks for off tool parts
  • Total 18 weeks to PPAP
  • Math data Capability_ DaeYong is currently using Unigraphics, IGES, STEP
Tool & Mold building

Save your cost and time! Fast and deliberate manufacturing

Tool Building
  • Machining fixtures are made in-house
  • Prompt treatment and maintenance
  • Fast manufacturing speed
Mold Building
  • Support high Quality casting parts with various experience
  • 12 weeks for manufacturing
  • Molds building by mold maker who is 100% dedicated to Daeyong.